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PAN Python SDK Quickstart

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The following guide will walk you through installing pan-python, a powerful SDK capable of supporting a variety of automation projects and use cases

Introducing pan-python#

pan-python is a multi-tool set for Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS, Panorama, WildFire and AutoFocus.

The command line program (bundled with pan-python) will be used to complete the following steps.

Where to download and install#

pan-python is available on GitHub at, as a package on PyPi (Python Package Index), or can be installed using pip on Python 2.7 or 3.x. pan-python has no dependencies.


Documentation is available on GitHub and as HTML from the package doc/ directory.

Install pan-python using pip#

Install pan-python:

pip install --user pan-python

Example output:

Collecting pan-python  Downloading pan-python-0.11.0.tar.gz (109kB)    100% |                                | 112kB 2.0MB/sBuilding wheels for collected packages: pan-python  Running bdist_wheel for pan-python ... done  Stored in directory: /home/ubuntu/.cache/pip/wheels/f4/4c/3e/f8d30075fc8084fd786f23f7751e98a9802759539d500b24deSuccessfully built pan-pythonInstalling collected packages: pan-pythonSuccessfully installed pan-python-0.11.0

Show version#

Check your pan-python version: --version

Example output:

pan-python 0.11.0

By default pip installs the latest version of the package.

Next, we'll dive into generating an API key, which is the basis for moving on to more advanced topics.